Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Pretty Picture

This is a significant image for several reasons. First, she's my lovely, charming, and ever-patient wife of (almost) 30 years!

Second, it was taken with my newest camera, a Pentax ME Super. Alas, time has been harder on that camera than on our marriage, the exposure circuitry seems to be on the fritz. (ME Supers were made from 1980 through 1986.) Only 2 photos turned out from the first roll I tried to run through it, so now the camera is on its way to visit Eric in Tennessee.

Third, it was taken with Fuji Acros 100 film and developed in Rodinal, my favorite developer. Slowly but surely I seem to be getting the hang of using Rodinal. It seems the key is gentle agitation.

Fourth, it's a pretty picture of a pretty day. I'm coming to the conclusion that God gives us these days as a demonstration of his mercy towards us, and we should be more grateful.

And did I mention what a wonderful wife He gave me?

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David said...

She looks familiar from somewhere...